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Euroclas Leaded Rope
Euroclas Leaded Rope Perfect for backlines High abrasion rope Hard wearing ***Lead in all 3 strands***
euroclas rope leaded rope backline rope
EXCLUSIVE Green EURO CLAS Green Hi-tenacity unleaded rope
New pot rope - EXCLUSIVE to CLAS Supplies- A high tenacity pot rope with a eurosteel ingredient.- Unleaded 3std Green EURO CLAS Rope (Green with purple/blue tracer)- Full length - 220 metre coils- Full bodied- Full Weight- Excellent anti abrasion qualities- Perfect deep sea pot rope-
Leaded Seaclas Rope
Seaclas Polysteel LEADED (Medium/hard Lay) Green with a yellow and blue tracer, high tenacity 3 strand rope in 220 metre coils medium/hard lay, offers easy handling, high strength and abrasion resistance. Sizes from 15mm - 16mm Leaded available.
Leaded Seaclas Rope
Hi-tech Seaclas polysteel plus 3 Strand Unleaded Rope
Hi-Tech Seaclas Polysteel Plus Unleaded Rope - Full bodied rope - Full weight per coil - Full 220 metre coils Abrasion resistant polysteel fibres
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