Professional quality wet weather gear is designed to provide complete protection against the elements without limiting your ability to move around and work comfortably.

There’s a big difference between this type of product and the waterproof gear you might use for the odd rainy day. Stormline wet weather gear is for everyday use, in a working or high performance context like fishing or farm work. It’s designed to protect, without weighing you down.

Wet weather gear is a general term that refers to the range of products that professional fishermen, marine workers, agriculture professionals and farmers rely on every day to keep dry and comfortable. The term normally includes fishing oilskins, which is a specific type of wet weather product.The term ‘oilskin’ originates from the traditional practice of coating thick cloth with linseed oil to produce a rugged, waterproof protective garment. These things weighed a tonne and got very hot.

Technology has moved on a lot since the days when sailors wore heavy, yellow fishing gear, but the oilskin name prevails. Modern fishing oilskins protect better than the old linseed cloth garments, but without the heaviness.

Nowadays, oilskins are typically made from PVC. Ours come in a range of weights, with a variety of functional features such as adjustable cuffs, raglan sleeves, reinforced zips and reversible bibs.

When we talk about oilskins, we’re actually referring to highly advanced technical workwear that does a number of jobs.

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Stormline Jacket

From our best selling Crew heavy duty foul weather gear, the Crew heavy duty Smock is designed for all weather conditions and includes two layers of PVC for strength, featuring adjustable neoprene cuffs and high visibility colours for marine safety.

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Stormline Bib and Brace Pants

Keep dry, comfortable and mobile, all day. The Captain’s lightweight rain gear bib are reversible, ideal for all conditions from the Bering Sea to the Bahamas.  Made from nylon backed PVC with velcro snaps and internal pockets, the Captain’s rain gear pants are very popular with fishermen, general industry professionals and yachtsmen.

Please Call Us on 01472 355286 to order bigger or smaller sizes

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